The TSD Platform has formulated the following priorities:

  • Promoting a value-based trade policy that serves present and future generations by striking a balance between profit, people and the planet.
  • Anchoring commitments to sustainability such as the Paris Agreement at the core of FTAs.
  • Conditioning the conclusion of FTAs on the protection of human and workers’ rights.
  • Institutionalize a close cooperation between the EU and the International Labour Organization.
  • Effectively enforcing binding social and environmental standards through positive and negative incentives, including support of capacity-building and rewards on the one hand, and effective monitoring and sanctioning on the other.
  • Involvement of civil society organizations and empowerment of under-represented stakeholders in all stages of the implementation process.
  • Thorough and continued impact assessment before and after the conclusion of FTAs that takes into account all levels and value dimensions.
  • Mitigating risks through the set-up of transparency requirements, early warning systems and complaint bodies.
  • Establishing functioning and impartial dispute settlement mechanisms.